For years we have been filling your prescriptions in vials only for you to go home and repack in Weekly pill packs, taking you hours to do and creating the possibilities for dangerous or serious errors such as doubled or missed doses.

RxByTel® Pharmacy is proud to bring you RxByPak®. RxByPak is a prefilled pouch system which divides your tablets and capsules in to multiple daily doses perfectly matched to your doctors’ instructions.

It is Ideal for patients having difficulty in taking their medications.

No longer will you ask your self if you took your medications. The pouch will let you know.

  • Its great for the busy professional. Just pick your daily supply, put it in your pocket and you are off.
  • Its great for weekend trips. Just pack what you need and leave the bulky part at home.
  • Its great for students who need a safe and convenient way to remain compliant while in school
  • RxByPak can even remind you when to take your non pre-packed medications such as inhalers, injections and liquids
  • RxByPak can reduce your monthly visits to our pharmacy by synchronizing all your medications into just a single visit
  • We want to improve your life through RxByPak.
  • What’s nice about it is, it’s free