Welcome to Your Neighborhood Pharmacy

Yes, we have been away, but we are back.

RxByTel Pharmacy is still a community-based pharmacy started in 1984. We are continually trying to improve your life through innovation, service and of course, the best prices in town.

I would like to personally invite you back and let you know how grateful I will be to see you again. My heart has always been in this store and with my customers.

Let me tell you a little about the new things going on.

Of course, we have the drive thru. It was place in the front of the store to give you a strong since of safety and it is well lighted. The inside of the store has been completely rebuilt but is still simply committed to your health needs. Nutritional products and acute care products are what we specialize in.

Please check out the new Menu Board when you come in. You will want to see the information it is showing. We have three new additions, RxByPak®, The “Just For You Formula®, and our “Sig-N-Go®” program.

These 3 programs added to our traditional pharmacy is 21st century technology and very innovative. Yes of course we fill prescriptions the old fashion way too. You decide.

The new technology, however, is FREE We accept all the major insurances and can’t wait to see you again.

- Walter Moore, Owner

About Us

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We are locally owned, and community based. Our pharmacy sells prescription medications, nutritional products as well as traditional pharmacy needs such as cough, cold and first aid.

We specialize in filling your prescription in the most expeditious manner and using the most modern technologies.

RxByTel Pharmacy has evolved into the store we have today from our small pharmacy in St. Albans West Virginia in 1984. In 1997 we moved to Charleston’s West Side and served the community until 2012. Six years later in 2019, we have re-opened again to serve you.